Ellefsen Talks: Easter and Bunnies?

Here you humans go again. You combine the holiday, Easter, which is originally a Christian holiday, with rabbits, bunnies, eggs, and many other strange things. The Easter Bunny... You do understand that rabbits don't lay eggs, right? Where on earth do you get the idea of a holiday showcasing "eggs and rabbits" (or bunnies; call … Continue reading Ellefsen Talks: Easter and Bunnies?

Ellefsen Talks: Why April Fools Day?

April Fools Day. The notion is cheesy, and the title itself is infantile, and yet you humans¬†love it so. Why? I ask myself. Perhaps I should begin by deciphering what is the meaning of the name. April: Well duh, it obviously occurs in the month of April. April Fools: It seems this is a group … Continue reading Ellefsen Talks: Why April Fools Day?

Ellefsen talks: Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to this first addition of Ellefsen's Corner #Ellefsentalks. My little corner in this strange world of beings known as "humans." My world is so much better; sorry, but I had to say it. Where is my world, you ask? Go bug E. Rawls about it. I don't have time to explain. Anywho, onward to … Continue reading Ellefsen talks: Welcome to Spring!