Here you humans go again.
You combine the holiday, Easter, which is originally a Christian holiday, with rabbits, bunnies, eggs, and many other strange things.

The Easter Bunny… You do understand that rabbits don’t lay eggs, right? Where on earth do you get the idea of a holiday showcasing “eggs and rabbits” (or bunnies; call them what you will)? What do eggs and rabbits have to do with each other? I’ll tell you what: Nothing! Absolutely nothing, whatsoever!! Where do you come up with these crazy ideas? A person dressed up as a giant bunny walking around town, making children cry by how freaky It looks? Parents hiding eggs in the grass, under bushes and such as if this giant bunny had placed them there? And if giant bunnies did exist, why would it even want to do that in the first place? It wouldn’t! You’re feeding your children fibs about the laws of nature through this whole…”Easter Bunny” thing. This Easter Bunny sounds more like an alien from outerspace, to me. Either that, or I’m in some crazy story of Alice in Wonderland. Humans make no sense.

Anywho, now that I’ve ranted, I encourage you humans to please–please–remember the original holiday and stop frightening children with giant bunnies, or they’ll have nightmares for the rest of their lives. I do agree with the chocolate idea, however. Chocolate is…so…so…deliciously delectable… A giant bunny made out of chocolate…now that does sound good…. *Ahem*

“Ellefsen,” E. Rawls questions. “You aren’t planning on gorging yourself on chocolate again this Easter, are you? Because I need you at work in the series Monday, not stuffed with chocolate and sleeping time away.”


“Ellefsen? Hey! Get back here!”

*Running feet*

“I said, get back here! I’m your author; you have to listen to me. Ellefsen?!”

Hehehe, I have a new villainous plan… All of the world’s chocolate shall soon be MINE!