April Fools Day. The notion is cheesy, and the title itself is infantile, and yet you humans love it so. Why? I ask myself. Perhaps I should begin by deciphering what is the meaning of the name.

April: Well duh, it obviously occurs in the month of April.

April Fools: It seems this is a group of humans known as “fools” who come out during the month of Apfil to…I don’t know, be foolish fools, I suppose.

April Fools Day: This is the day during April in which these “fools” come out into the light of day to proclaim their foolishness. They do so by pulling what is known as “a prank” (very pixie and impish like, these humans, if you ask me). Now, what sort of pranks, you ask? They can range from lame to idiotic to clever masterpieces of destruction. Hehe, dare I admit that I’ve pulled a few myself, and was too smart to ever be caught? Clever masterpieces they were… Hehehe, *ahem* However, I’m a busy person now, and no longer have time for such frivolities.

So, there you have it! That’s what this crazy holiday-thingie is all about. But as to the first question: Why April Fools Day? Meh, who knows. Probably some fool wanted to have a special day for himself and gave it a name, and then it became a thing. After all, doesn’t everything have its own holiday, nowadays? I think even “Cheeseburger Day” is a thing. Who knows, you crazy humans are always looking for something to celebrate. If I threw a turtle at your head, you’d probably call it Throw a Turtle at Heads Day. You people have nothing better to do? Seriously! Here I am working to save my world and conquering a kingdom, and all you do is play April Fools and whatever else nonsense holiday comes after that. Get a life!

*storms away*

*fed up with the idiocy of the human race*

*or is he secretly jealous because he doesn’t have time to play pranks this April Fools Day?*

Shut up! I am not!!