Ellefsen talks: Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to this first addition of Ellefsen’s Corner #Ellefsentalks. My little corner in this strange world of beings known as “humans.” My world is so much better; sorry, but I had to say it. Where is my world, you ask? Go bug E. Rawls about it. I don’t have time to explain. Anywho, onward to today’s Ellefsen talks:

To celebrate the first day of spring, my lame author made me go out and look for something “Spring-ish”. I’m lazy, so I didn’t spend much time looking around. I just googled a few words and found this cat gif. It…well…hehe, I have a thing for cats, so I’m going with this as my photo celebrating Spring! Awww~~isn’t it cute? And pitiful. I mean, look at that poor thing: some cruel human has placed bunny ears on its head! That tail swishing back and forth, I’m not sure that’s a happy sign; I think it’s rather annoyed and waiting for its inferior human to release it from its bunny hat shackles. Poor thing! (snickers) No, I wasn’t laughing! I wasn’t!! (Pffft–hehehe) Anywhooo~ Happy First Day of Spring! And for those of you still in the grip of winter, you have my sympathy.